Transmission Temperature Gauge: All full sized trucks and SUV's (Chevy Avalanche, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe, GMC Sierra, and Yukon) are equipped with a transmission temperature sensor, but not all the instrument clusters have this gauge installed. I install this gauge on all my Custom clusters so you can monitor your transmissions temperature. This requires no additional wiring or parts for your vehicle, it will simply plug & play.

Starting in 2003: All GM truck & SUV instrument clusters must be “set up” to the vehicles options so everything operates correctly, I perform this programming service for you by the vehicles VIN information. This programming is specific to each vehicle, digital-dash-solutions offers this service with all cluster sales. Using the VIN I will prepare the correct cluster for the vehicle, then the cluster will be "setup" to your vehicle's RPO codes and current original mileage. I will be sure the cluster you receive is 100% compatible with your vehicle, (including steering wheel controls), my cluster will come to your door ready to install.

My factory rebuilt clusters: All my rebuilt clusters have been re-manufactured at an authorized GM repair facility using the latest version updated OEM GM Switec/Juken stepper motors, all back lighting lamps or LEDs have been replaced and a brand new lens assembly to assure clear viewing. Each custom cluster will get a new Digital-Dash-Solutions gauge face (your choice of color), new Digital-Dash-Solutions pointers (your choice of color and style) and finally the firmware will be updated to GM’s current specifications using GM TIS-2-WEB programming. These updates correct the following...excessively bright high bean indicator, inoperable state under low voltage start up conditions, also corrections to the driver information center & inoperable park indicator. Complete computer testing & re-calibration has been performed.