Stock 1500 Clusters Start at $200 

Stock HD Clusters Start at $240

Price changes in parenthesis in the Applique, Lens, and Pointer choices are in addition to the $200 base price whether you have a HD or not.

LED's are an extra $50 no matter the base price. 

And Additional $100 CORE ($200 for H2 clusters) charge applies if you want our unit first. This core charge is included on Ebay listings mentioning a $100 rebate.

DigiTal- dash- solutions, LLc

GM Truck Speedometer CLuster Sales & Service  

Monday - Friday  10am-4:30pm Eastern Time 

For 2003 - 2005 GM Full Size Truck and SUV

Form needed  for cluster programming

Please fill out the form and hit submit. Anything with an asterix is required. If you have any questions about the form please call us during buisiness hours.