Customize Your Cluster with our conversion service

Included with this service are the following...

  • Addition of a transmission temperature gauge, all trucks are wired from the factory so the gauge will plug & play.
  • New pointers, applique, and lens if needed.

  • All new OEM stepper motors with the latest version available from Switec/Juken.

  • All back lighting bulbs will be replaced with updated lamps or life super bright custom made LED's .

  • TIS-2-WEB programming updates of the latest software available from GM. These updates address an inoperable state under low voltage starting conditions & corrections to the DIC.  

  • Complete computer testing, calibration & technical support.

  • 1 year sellers' guarantee on the parts and labor provided.

  • This is a 1 business day service + shipping time.

  • Your mileage will not change it will remain the same, mileage recovery is included.

  • Cluster removal is a simple 20 minute job on average, here is a link to... removal instructions

  • Remember this service is to upgrade your existing cluster, you are not purchasing the cluster in the pictures.

full rebuild + Add a transmission Temperature Gauge

(Plug & play)


full rebuild + Convert to SS gauges

(plug & play)


full rebuild + convert to black escalade platinum

(plug & play)


We have many upgrade and conversions available to add to your existing cluster. Upon receipt of your cluster we fully rebuild it and upgrade it to your specifications. 

​Change your pointer color for free. Please call for more upgrade and conversion options. We can help you create your personalized cluster.

DigiTal- dash- solutions, LLc

GM Truck Speedometer CLuster Sales & Service  

full rebuild + convert to

white escalade platinum

(plug & play)


Monday - Friday  10am-4:30pm Eastern Time 

Full rebuild + convert to white escalade platinum with blue led's (plug & play)


To make this service simple please follow these steps...

  1. Print and complete our.............. and include it in the box with your cluster.

  2. Include payment, most forms accepted, checks are preferred.

  3. Package it with at least 3 inches of bubble wrap, avoid using packing peanuts.

  4. Ship your cluster to