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6. Remove the (7mm hex head) screws that retain the Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) to the  I/P assembly.

7. Remove the IPC (2) from the vehicle by tilting the bottom of the cluster outward.

8. Disconnect the IPC harness (1) from the IPC by squezing in it's clamp tab and pulling moderately.

2003-2006 Full size gm truck cluster removal instructions

1. Apply the parking brake to prevent the vehicle from moving.

2. If equipped with an automatic transmission, move the shift lever all the way down to last gear (this will allow you room to remove the bezel).

3. Tilt the steering wheel to the full down position. You do not need to remove the steering wheel as seen in the image.

4. Pull gently rearward on the corners of the bezel from the instrument panel (IP) assembly.  There are no screws holding in place.

5. Remove the bezel. Trailblazer & Envoy will vary from the instructions