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1989-1994 S-10 cluster removal Instructions

​Pull the 2 knobs off the vertical heater controls (pull hard) Remove screws holding the mirror switch & defog switch if your model is equipped.....Then remove 4 screws hidden by them (2 each side). The left headlamp switch should lift, then pull out remove all the plugs. You may have to leave the defogger and snake the harness through the dash cover. Lift and pull out the heater control about 2 inches, untwist the 2 light sockets on the right side and unplug the blower speed control; there are (2) silver colored 1/4" screws on the left side that screw from the front remove them, this will remove the cover from the heater control. Be careful not to let the 2 little rectangular plastic pieces fall off, they are slides for the 2 heating levers.

Remove about 6 screws from the panel directly below the column and drop that down. Now you should have easy access to the nuts holding the dash cover in. Remove all 4 nut using a 10mm socket with a piece of paper stuffed in the socket, this will hold the nuts in the socket so you don't lose them.

Pull off the cover and remove the rest of the nuts holding the display in.

Last take a long screw driver and push off the clip connected to the column, this is for the park indicator. It has a string or wire that goes into the display. Now just pull the display toward you, there are no other wires attached.

When installing the only hard part is the heater cover. Be sure of the following: The 2 rectangle slides for the heater controls are in place and slide into the cover correctly, there is a silver metal arm on the right side that hooks into the cover before installing the screws, this will take some time to get in place.
Also there is a small unseen plastic slide in the heater cover that the right heater control arm has to slide into, this is to change the color of the indicator at night when you move it up & down, not all models have this.